How Chiropractic Helps After Car Accidents

After a car crash, everything can seem upside down. You’re shocked and in pain and you may not know where to turn to heal yourself. Instead of medication, consider seeking chiropractic care after an auto accident to heal naturally

Although this may not be the conventional route to medical care it is a very important one after an accident. Many injuries sustained during a car accident may appear invisible and not show up for many days or weeks. Without proper treatment, long-term pain can persist and make your quality of life drastically different. Here’s how chiropractic care can help you after a car accident: 

Auto Accidents Injuries and Chiropractic Care 

After an auto accident, one of the first things you should do is seek out medical treatment through your doctor or at a local hospital. This is important, not only for insurance purposes, but to have a thorough check-up to make sure there is not any internal bleeding, concussions, or broken bones. We can help with x-rays and more to make sure that you will receive the treatment needed for any injuries sustained in a crash.  

Should you choose to visit your primary care or urgent care, you may find upon leaving the doctor’s office though—as long as nothing is too serious—that you are left with a handful of prescriptions. Plus, it’s very common for days and even weeks after the accident for ongoing stiffness, soreness, and pains to set in. This is where chiropractic care is crucial. 

A chiropractor can heal the root of the problem, not just blanketing the injury with pain pills. This is a drug-free way to relieve your pain without invasive surgery. They can identify why and where your symptoms and pains are arising from and instead of numbing them through medication, we can perform spinal and other joint adjustments.  

Are You in Pain? 

Chiropractors can treat many extensive issues, such as back and neck injuries, soft tissue pain, and overall discomfort you may now have in your day-to-day life. This muscle and joint pain/stiffness can be so bad that you are no longer functioning normally.  

At Chiropractic Naturally, our chiropractors can take x-rays to determine if there are any serious injuries to the neck or spine. We are also able to use existing x-rays if you have been to the doctor after your accident. We will evaluate your injuries and create an individualized treatment plan. 

Additionally, you may also be experiencing other “invisible” injuries. Whiplash injuries can cause headaches, blurred vision, shoulder pain, dizziness, reduced range-of-motion as well as ligament problems and disc damage. While you think you may just be sore or stiff after an accident and you second-guess your pain, what you may not know is that serious or chronic injuries can be forming. 

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Benefits to Chiropractic Care 

If you are new to the world of chiropractic you may be wondering what a chiropractor can do that a conventional medical doctor cannot. Let’s explore some of the amazing reasons and benefits of using a chiropractor after a car accident. 

Reduction in inflammation. 

Standard x-rays cannot pick up micro-tears within the muscles and ligaments. Through adjustments, which produce anti-inflammatory properties, there will be reduced discomfort from these tears. 

Reduction of pain. 

Adjustments will help reduce and relieve the injured areas, which will also affect your entire body.  

Reduction in medication. 

Chiropractic care is drug-free and does not mask or cover up the pain, making sure the true injury is being healed. Another great benefit of being drug-free is reducing the chances of becoming dependent on pain medications or becoming addicted. 

Restored range of motion.  

One of the biggest complaints after a car accident is tightness or difficulty moving your neck, due to whiplash. Through adjustments, the spine can be mobilized and the range of motion can be restored which encourages your body’s healing process. 

Reduction in scar tissue.  

Muscles can become scarred in an accident, which causes stiffness and soreness. These scarred areas will be targeted and the build-up of scar tissue broken down. By having less scar tissue, you will feel better faster. 

Long-term benefits. 

Injuries can worsen over time and become chronic if they are not treated promptly.  

It’s important to seek care as soon as possible after an accident to have your insurance PIP benefits apply. Don’t wait! Call our chiropractic doctors in Carrollwood and Town & Country now. 

Your First Step To Recovery 

An auto accident is the last thing anyone needs. On top of dealing with insurance and auto repairs, now you are dealing with possible medical injuries and pain. 

If you are feeling a lot of pain in your lower back after your auto accident, do not hesitate to call Chiropractic Naturally. Whether you are a regular patient or this is your first time, we will be happy to work with you on your path to recovery.  

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