Talking About Trigger Point Therapy

Have you ever had sensitive or painful knots or cricks in your neck, shoulders, back, arms, or legs? These are called trigger points. Trigger points are tight areas “knots” in your muscle fibers that causes local pain and can frequently radiate from these points of local tenderness to other parts of your body as well.  

Often times they are formed from a muscle injury, inflammation,  emotional/physical stress, poor posture, or overuse of a particular body part. Let’s look at exactly what trigger points are and how we can use chiropractic therapy for relief.


It is not uncommon to hear people using hot compresses, massages, and other objects such as a tennis ball or rollers to roll on pressure over the trigger points. In extreme cases, people may choose to take pain medication for temporary relief from the pain. 

While these home remedies may improve the blood flow, they really do not treat the trigger points itself. This is where Trigger Point Therapy comes in.   

Trigger points cause “referred pain” which means that the pain you may feel in a particular body area may have a different source of the pain itself. This is why most home remedies do not work. Trigger point therapy is a form of soft tissue therapy that focuses on the idea that pain in one part of the body can be brought about by an injury or dysfunction in another part of the body.  


When treating trigger points, a chiropractor applies pressure on these painful and sensitive spots to ease the affected muscles and tissues.  

Trigger points cause “referred pain” which means that the pain you may feel in a particular body area may have a different source of the pain itself. 

Either a thumb or fingers apply pressure for an indefinite duration—this timeframe depends on the muscle’s response. The trigger point will then melt or disappear. Often our chiropractors will then use deep tissue massage, ultrasound therapy, and electric muscle stimulation therapy on the afflicted area. 

Depending on how severe the trigger point is, dry needling may be used. Dry needling involves using an acupuncture needle to inactivate the trigger point and to increase the blood flow to the surrounding area. 

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If left untreated, trigger points can persist for years; they do not simply go away. Symptoms of trigger points can include: 

  • deep, aching muscle pain 
  • stiff and weak muscles 
  • restricted movement 
  • referral headaches 
  • difficulty sleeping 

When the pain persists and worsens, it is called myofascial pain syndrome. 

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Trigger points are extremely common and nearly everyone experiences them throughout their life. At Chiropractic Naturally, our chiropractors are trained to examine your body for trigger points and to release them in a safe and effective manner. In addition to chiropractic care, our chiropractors are trained in acupuncture and massage, all of which combined holistically heal trigger points. 

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