Acupuncture Treatment at Chiropractic Naturally

Chiropractic Naturally is an all-in-one holistic treatment center that focuses on the entire body to help maintain and better our patients’ health. Our Tampa, FL acupuncturists focus and treat a wide variety of conditions that have not been relieved by Western Medicine with acupuncture

How Acupuncture Works 

Acupuncture is an all-natural approach to healing your body. Unlike pain medication, acupuncture treats the root cause. Acupuncture is a type of Traditional Chinese medicine that dates back over 2,000 years. It is a technique for balancing the flow of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”). Once the flow of energy is rebalanced, aches and pains are relieved. 

You may feel bogged down by stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, and environmental toxins to name a few. These stressors can disrupt the free flow of Qi. When energy is blocked, the body gets out of balance, and afflictions can occur. Acupuncture can relieve these symptoms as well as correct the root cause of the disease.  

Does Acupuncture Hurt? 

There is a common misconception that acupuncture is painful, but in fact, it is painless. Our Tampa acupuncturists use fine sterile needles, placed gently in acupoints. Acupuncture treatment stimulates these acupoints located along energetic pathways in your body.   

Once the needles are gently placed, the needles promote the movement of Qi and help to rebalance the energy in the body’s organ systems that are connected by energetic pathways. 

When energy is blocked, the body gets out of balance, and afflictions can occur. 

Acupuncture can relieve these symptoms as well as correct the root cause of the disease. 

What to Expect 

When you arrive at one of our convenient Chiropractic Naturally locations, you will receive an initial consultation and evaluation. This session is generally an hour long. After that most sessions generally last about 30 minutes. 

A typical acupuncture treatment will use anywhere between 20-30 needles. Once gently placed, you will lie and relax while they remain in place anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. 

The number of acupuncture sessions you need will depend on the severity of your symptoms and pain. Most people feel relaxed and even energized after an acupuncture session, but it may take a couple of sessions to see the full benefits of acupuncture.  

Acupuncture Treats More

Than Just Back Pain 

How Can Acupuncture Help Me? 

If you are looking for a drug-free and pain-free treatment option that focuses on the root of your afflictions, then acupuncture is a perfect service. Acupuncture has little to no side effects and is overall a safer alternative therapy that helps your body heal, instead of masking the symptoms with medication. 

Acupuncture can treat almost any ailment, but some of the most common health concerns our patients’ want to be ailed are: 

  • Sciatica  
  • Neck pain  
  • Shoulder pain  
  • Knee pain  
  • Elbow pain  
  • Migraines 
  • Energy boost   
  • Digestive disorders 
  • Women’s health 
  • Emotional or psychological issues  

Heal With Acupuncture Today  

Our top-rated Tampa Bay acupuncturists are here to help you on the path to healing. Request an appointment today by calling one of our two convenient Tampa locations, 813-963-3055 (Carrollwood) or 813-885-5786 (Town & Country). Start healing today!