I Had a Car Accident, Now What?

According to the National Safety Council, there are about 10 million car accidents with 2 million people injured every year.  Statistically, most people will have a total of about 3-4 car accidents throughout your driving lifetime.

Even accidents as slow as 5-10 mph are enough to cause damage to the spine. These should be treated with the same level of caution as faster-moving crashes.

Many car accident victims may feel nothing or very mild symptoms immediately following an accident. This is due to the rush of adrenaline which will dull pain from any injuries you might have suffered. Sometimes you won’t feel symptoms until weeks or even months after a car crash.

Symptoms following injuries after an accident can start with mild symptoms and then develop into neck pain, back pain, tightness, muscle soreness, headaches, reduced range of motion, and in some severe cases, tingling, numbness, burning, shooting sensations, or instability.

In Florida, the PIP 14-day rule requires that you seek medical attention within 14 days of a car accident. If you fail to seek medical attention within the first two weeks after a car accident, your insurer will deny your claim.

Here are 5 steps to take after a car accident:

  1. Call the police

Do not discuss fault

The officer file a report

Get a copy of the report

  1. Exchange information

Driver’s name


Phone number

Plate number

Insurance provider and policy number

  1. Document

Take pictures of the surroundings and damage to your car and theirs

Did airbags deploy?

Were there any witnesses?

Take pictures of any cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns or other injuries that are visible

File a claim with the liable party’s insurance company

  1. Seek medical attention

Get examined by a medical professional (dependent on the severity of your injuries reach out to Primary Physician, Walk-in Clinic, Chiropractic Physician, or Emergency Room)

Bring claim numbers and the police report

Could include x-rays or other tests

  1. Hire an experienced personal injury attorney

They will make sure that your case is handled properly

They will also fight for fair compensation for your injuries and well being

Reaching a chiropractor that understands how to accurately work a personal injury case and treat car accident injuries correctly can be challenging. Dr Mehta and Dr Yi, Chiropractic Physicians are both well versed in treating car accident injuries and will provide you with a thorough consultation and examination including x-rays, if necessary.

An appropriate treatment plan will be developed to support your recovery from any injuries you have sustained.

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