Holiday Travel Tips

Tis the season for traveling to visit family and celebrate the holidays.  Holidays are supposed to be an exciting time of the year however, traveling during this season can be quite stressful. Getting prepared to pack the fam with all the essentials to keep pets, kids, or even your spouse occupied and happy can seem like an impossible task.  Especially if you will be stuck on an airplane or in a car for hours which can have a big impact on your body not to mention your sanity!

At Chiropractic Naturally we understand how hectic this time of year can be.  Many times, we neglect to take care of ourselves physically and mentally during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  We want to remind you of the importance of taking time for yourself and give you some travel tips for you and your family this holiday season!

We’ve compiled some tips for you to survive your holiday travels:


Let us follow in Santa’s organized footprints and make a list!  I suggest 2 columns; one with a list of everything you need to do before you go and the other with a list of everything you need to pack. As you complete each item check it off.  You can make a list for other family members that are old enough to pack and share some of the responsibilities as well. Not only does this give you a great sense of achievement but it will also make sure you don’t forget anything.

Travel Light

Avoid putting extra strain on your body while lifting bags, try to keep your luggage to a minimum. Keep hand luggage to less than 10% of your body weight or use a bag with wheels. Remember to change your pulling or carrying arm often to avoid repeatedly twisting in one direction.


To keep everyone occupied, pack lots of tasty, healthy snacks. Nuts and fruit can keep you energized through long journeys. Pack food that will not fall apart or crumble all over your car will help for post-snack cleanup.

Travel Activities

Bring quiet activities to keep the kids occupied.  Playing cards or travel games for older children and quiet books or coloring books for younger children.

Regular breaks

Take regular rest breaks to stretch a little and walk around. More frequently for breaks are recommended if you have young children traveling with you.  Vary your seating position occasionally to avoid leg cramps and improve circulation.

Children’s Safety

Be sure all children are secured correctly in age and weight appropriate car seats.

Get adjusted

Book your appointment as close to your departure as possible and then another upon your return.

These tips aim to help ease your travel stress and discomfort, whether it’s festive holidays, winter getaways, long weekends, family camping trips, romantic weekends away, or short breaks.   

Planning a trip soon?  Get your adjustments scheduled for the whole family before you embark on your trip so you can unwind and enjoy your break!  Choose one of our convenient locations Town & Country 813-885-5786 or Carrollwood 813-963-3055 and safe travels.